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  1. Ottawa’s Got Great Nuts

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    Yes, we do! Black Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Butternuts and Ginkgo Nuts,

    our city is littered with tasty local protein.

    What’s holding us back from coming to grips with this?

    1. We’ve forgotten that they’re here.

    Even though many of the trees are native to this area, as we’ve moved away from living off the land towards an industrialized food system, many of us lost the ability to identify the trees in our own backyards.

    Check out our map to see what’s hiding near you.

    2. We don’t know how to handle our nuts.

    Sometimes all it takes is a little patience and technique to get that tasty nutmeat into your mouth. With any purchase of Local Nutsacks or Black Walnut trees, we provide a handy hand-drawn Guide: How To Handle Your Nuts.

    3. No one is doing it. 

    But we’re changing that, together. Come and join us next year at a nut harvest!

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