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  1. Passionate About Ottawa’s nuts?

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    Seeking: Nut Event Co-ordinator

    Talented and helpful ensemble seeks single dedicated organizer with shared interests and passions. 

    Long walks on the beach optional.  

    Canada Nutist and a few Hidden Harvest volunteers have developed the framework of a fabulous nut event planned for this spring and are looking for a reliable and passionate volunteer to lead the troops on the home stretch. The event focuses on introducing the people of the Ottawa area to the amazing opportunities and wonders of nut trees – Yay!  The hope is that this will be the first of an annual event.

    Where are we at?  The date and venue are booked, a rough plan is sketched out, and we have access to plenty of keen people who can be delegated specific tasks beforehand or on the day of… but our current coordinator got a job and has to leave the city! We’re looking for one organized and responsible individual with excellent communication and planning skills to take the reins and orchestrate the event. There is still plenty of time to pass off current resources.

    What’s in it for you?  The opportunity to meet and work with community leaders including city councillors, several prominent not-for-profits, and small businesses, and gain interesting and engaging experience in event planning and urban horticulture.  Nuts to munch on.  And piles of appreciation!

    Timeframe: now until the end of May.  Interested? Great!

    What’s Next: Give us a shout at, with the subject Nut Coordinator, by March 21st 2014, and we will connect you with the nutty nutists who seek your assistance!

  2. Spring Workshop Series 2014

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    Urban Syrup: How to Tap for Sap
    Saturday March 15, 2014, and Sunday March 30, 2014. The where, when, why, and how to tap trees, as well as tools and techniques of this age-old tradition will be discussed in this hands-on workshop.


    Urban Fruit Tree Pruning
    Sunday March 23, 2014. Tools, techniques and timing will all be discussed at this hands-on workshop.


    Urban Propagation Workshop
    Saturday May 3, 2014. Back by popular demand, Ken Taylor of the Greenbarn Nursery has gleaned a lifetime of wisdom growing and propagating a vast variety of hardy fruit and nut trees. Learn about the abundance of food that can grow here, many of which you may never have tasted or even heard of before. Explore methods you can use to grow these trees for free.

    Come curious about local fruit and nuts, leave inspired to feed your family from your backyard, and with your own grafted apple tree! More info + registration here.

     “Totally worth it even to just to hear Ken speak!” – 2013 participant

  3. Workshop: How to Tap Your Tree for Sap

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    We’re headed out to Nepean for another workshop this year!

    Learn to harness the power of spring in your own backyard.
    In this mini-workshop the why, the how, and the when of tapping trees for sap will be explored. With your help, we will tap a few trees, look at the equipment required, and hear tips about syrup production at home.

    Our Nepean host is no stranger to trees – with a backyard complete with 1/3 of an acre of Sugar Maples, and several over 1 foot in diameter, we’ll have a few to choose from for our demonstration!

    Join us to learn this simple yet delicious skill you can take back to your backyard. The address of the event and a few more details will be sent to those who register sucessfully.

    Sign up here:

    March 15, 2014: Urban Syrup: How to Tap for Sap

    March 30, 2014: Urban Syrup: How to Tap for Sap

    …and check out our other workshops:

    March 23, 2014: Urban Fruit Tree Pruning

    May 3, 2014: Urban Fruit Propagation

    See you then!

    Did you know?

    Maple syrup has 54 antioxidants, more calcium than milk, and more potassium than bananas. (according to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)

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