Our Supporters

While act of putting excess food to good use is elementary – in our case elementree – there are many people putting in effort behind-the-scenes of Hidden Harvest Ottawa.

In 2012 alone, more than 125 people have offered the valuable gift of their time to help us get off the ground – working in collaboration with existing resources and programs, providing tech advice, ensuring that we comply with laws and follow best practices for health and safety. Our financial supporters, the advice of our collaborators and the commitment of our volunteers are truly what makes Hidden Harvest Ottawa work. Thank you.

Food grows on trees. Our program has grown thanks to the financial support from:

Awesome Ottawa

Our collaborators in building this organization have included:

Parkdale Food Centre (parkdalefoodcentre.ca)
Dalhousie Food Cupboard (dalhousiefoodcupboard.ca)
Social Delta (socialdelta.ca)
Ottawa Food Bank (ottawafoodbank.ca)
City of Ottawa (ottawa.ca)
The Collaborative for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (cised.ca)
Ecology Ottawa (ecologyottawa.ca)
Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (och.ca)
Sandy Hill Community Health Centre (sandyhillchc.on.ca)
HUB Ottawa (hubottawa.org)
Just Food (justfood.ca)
Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Scientific Advisor (facebook.com)

Graham Irvine, Photographer (facebook.com)

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