Advisory Committee


To serve in an advisory role to the executive team of Hidden Harvest Ottawa, and to provide input on policy and program issues.


  • To discuss and provide input and feedback (to the committee) regarding program policies and/or strategic directions;
  • To share expertise, experience and perspectives regarding program issues and strategies;
  • To be proactive and forward thinking in identifying trends and opportunities that may inform decision-making; and,
  • To promote and spread the word about Hidden Harvest Ottawa activities.

2017-2021 Strategic Plan Summary

Advisory Committee Members

Philipp-Clemens Nowotny, Advisory Committee Chair & Strategic Policy Porcupine visit Phil's LinkedIn Profile
The wise Strategic Policy Porcupine will help HHO determine the ways that we should grow and evolve as we go forward, and keep a keen eye out for opportunities to share our knowledge and experience to help inform policy or advocacy work. Read some of Hidden Harvest Ottawa’s posts relating to policy here.
Phil leads Strategic Action Area #7 – Advocacy / Policy
Jessica McRandall, Secretariat Hare visit Jessica's LinkedIn Profile
Provides the administrative glue to keep things together. Responsible for meeting minutes, recording action items, keeping records and helping us set new records.
Brodie Kinnear, Harvest Coordinator & Volunteer Management visit Brodie's LinkedIn Profile
The harvest coordinator keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes from managing consent to enter permits, to organizing bounty bashes, to replying to emails from numerous volunteers and homeowners.
Brodie co-leads Strategic Action Area #5 – Harvesting & Volunteer Management
Tina Le Moine, Chief Squirrel of Harvesting visit Tina's LinkedIn Profile
The motivating Chief Squirrel is the first point of contact for all new and returning neighborhood leaders (NL). They make sure the NL list is kept up to date and will host a meet at the beginning of each season. They also host a brief refresher course each year on how to successfully lead a harvest. The Chief Squirrel is responsible for training new potential leaders and supporting them throughout their learning period.
Tina co-leads Strategic Action Area #5 – Harvesting & Volunteer Management
Jen Jans, Outreach Racoon
When not under a tree leading harvests, Jen can be found sharing the bounty and harvest stories at outreach events in Ottawa or at international conferences. See previous and upcoming events on our event calendar!
Jen leads Strategic Action Area #6 – Outreach & Education
Laura Bonnett, Income Eagle
With a keen eye on the big picture from her tree-top perch, Laura’s focus on strategic funding opportunities helps us leverage resources to support our partners and rescue more food from going to waste.
Laura leads Strategic Action Area #1 – Funding
Amy K., Accounting
We cannot count all the ways that Amy keeps us organized. Her leadership is equipping us for growth.
Amy leads Strategic Action Area #4 – Harvesting Bins & Equipment
Leonie, Cataloging Chipmunk visit Leonie's LinkedIn Profile
Editing and auditing the ever-changing list of trees to harvest over a long harvest season requires nimble precision and quick decisions with big data. When she’s not busy harvesting & sharing food, Leonie helps us inventory the latest and greatest trees which homeowners register on our site from across the region.
Leonie supports Strategic Action Area #5 – Harvesting Management
Chantal Rodier, Flying Strategic Planning Squirrel visit Chantal's LinkedIn Profile
Strategic Planning is critical to ensure we continue working towards our organizational goals/objectives and help focus the energy of our volunteers, funding, fruit and friends to ensure we make the best use of what we have and plan for what we will need in the future.
Tony Zappia, Tech Fox visit Tony's LinkedIn Profile
It take a sly fox to turn bits and bytes into cherry strudels and sweet berry wine.
Tony leads Action Area #3 – IT Infrastructure
Jeff Cober, Build-it Badger visit Jeff's LinkedIn Profile
If you’ve been involved in picking 1,000lbs of apples in a few hours with Hidden Harvest Ottawa, it’s likely that Jeff was leading that pick or helping out. Jeff’s the go-to guy for most large builds be it harvesting equipment, fancy signage or top-secret fabrications for our fundraising & outreach activities.
Jeff supports Action Area #4 – Harvesting Bins & Equipment
Katrina Siks, Co-founder visit Kat's LinkedIn Profile
A few of the things Katrina does to make hidden harvests happen: Media relations, volunteer training, Plan(t) for Tomorrow coordination, social media, taxes, playing under trees.
Kat co-leads Strategic Action Area #2 – Governance. Katrina also digs around in the Outreach, Harvesting and Volunteer Management groups.
Jay Garlough, Co-founder, Governance Groundhog visit Jay's LinkedIn Profile
Forming this advisory committee in 2016 was the first step in turning the soil as we transplant our growing social enterprise from a provincially incorporated business to a not-for-profit corporation over the next 12-24 months. The four properties of agroecosystems — productivity, stability, sustainability and equitability — can continue to inform the transition to greener pastures. We plan to do most of the heavy lifting over the winter months.
Jay co-leads Strategic Action Area #2 – Governance. Jay also digs around in the IT, Fundraising and Policy groups.
This could be you! Advisor
We are always working away to improve how we pick, share and take good care. If you would like to join our Advisory Committee, one of our sub committees, or volunteer other advice or support then please complete our volunteer sign-up form. You can select “Offer Professional Advice & Support” as one of your preferred roles and let us know how you could see yourself being involved.
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