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My registered tree is almost ready to harvest!

We require 1-2 weeks notice in order to organize a harvest event. If your tree needs to be harvested in a day or two you can still let us know and it will help us be better prepared to predict the harvests in future years.
  • Is Your Tree Almost Ripe?

    We have compiled a list of books at the Ottawa Public Library's website that could help you figure that out!

    Our Current Focus

    Sending us this helpful information does not guarantee we will be able to harvest your tree. Hidden Harvest is growing, but we do not have the resources to harvest every tree registered.

    This year we are focusing our efforts on neighbourhoods & wards where we have permission to harvest more than one tree. Registering your tree early AND helping nearby friends and neighbours register their trees is a good way to increase the chances that we will be giving you a call to arrange a harvest.
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  • Please select the City Ward where this tree is located. You can find your ward here
  • The Ottawa Public Library is full of resources to help you identify local trees and free mobile apps like Leafsnap may be helpful too.
  • A picture is worth 1,000 words and can help our Neighbourhood Leaders estimate the right number of volunteers required and organize a safe, efficient harvest. We suggest sharing one picture of the tree and one close up picture of the fruit.
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