The Next Federal Agricultural Policy Framework
March 10, 2017
Canada’s current policy framework, Growing Forward 2, expires in March 2018. The federal government is working on replacing that policy. Today they released Read More
Eating Ottawa’s Forests and Farmland
December 8, 2016
Even in the past five years since starting Hidden Harvest, we’ve noticed that food-bearing trees & forests in Ottawa are disappearing far faster than they are being planted. These Google Earth Timelapse videos show just how quickly our city spreads. Take a look at the changes between 1986…
Fruit Goggles have gone digital.
June 1, 2016
Since starting the planning for Hidden Harvest Ottawa back in 2011 it is incredible to see how much technology has changed. When we started there was practically nothing. It was a matter of asking neighbours and putting up our “trees…
Got Nuts? We’d like your black walnuts, please!
September 24, 2015
We’re collecting as many local black walnuts as we can! Walnuts are very expensive at the store, but they make an excellent, healthy brain food: Black walnuts contain lots of good fats, such as polyunsaturated omega 3s and monounsaturated fats. Nuts sometimes fall over a time period of a week or…
Feeding People, Not Landfills
May 23, 2015
Food waste is the litter of the 21st century. That is to say, people’s perception & understanding of food waste are changing today in much the same way that people’s perception & understanding of litter changed back in the 50’s & 60’s. Let me begin with a short story: These…
Community Coffee Day
October 29, 2014
All medium roast coffee sales across Bridgehead (up to $5,000) on Wednesday, October 29th 2014 will be donated to Hidden Harvest as part of Ernst & Young’s ‘EY Connect Day’. In celebration of Community Coffee Day, and to give thanks for the community support, Hidden Harvest Ottawa…
Volunteer with Hidden Harvest at Beau’s Oktoberfest!
August 30, 2014
We know what you have been saying… Harvesting fresh apples, grapes, elderberries, walnuts and plums is fun but where are the games of chance? Well this is your chance! Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company has given us a great opportunity to raise…
Love Coffee? Pick our Blend
June 17, 2014
Now you can pick our fresh Hidden Harvest blend of coffee, using your morning brew to support local food rescue!  This very special blend of beans is now available for a limited time online and at Bridgehead Coffeehouses across Ottawa. “Combining the far North and far South coffees of Peru, this…
You’re Invited to Volunteer Intro Hour
June 10, 2014
This year we have partnered with Bridgehead to host Volunteer Intro sessions at local coffeehouses to chat about how you and your neighbours can get started finding your Hidden Harvest this year. Join us for this short event if you’re curious to learn more about Hidden Harvest, our harvest events,…
Protected: Hidden Harvest Presentation for the Ottawa Garden Club
May 16, 2014
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