City Trees by Ward – Interactive Chart
October 25, 2012
Below is a visualization of the same data that is on our tree map — the source is the City of Ottawa’s street tree inventory as of November 2011. The green dots () on our map show the City-owned trees which may produce edible…
What is Pectin, Anyways?
October 21, 2012
Urban Harvest Canning Workshop We rolled up our sleeves for this Harvest Noir-inspired workshop, with attendees arriving not knowing quite what was in store! Grapes and grape leaves were gathered in Carlingwood the day prior in true Hidden Harvest style, with…
Food Trees Found in Ottawa
We are fortunate enough to live in the apple growing climate zone here in Ottawa, with many options of fruit and nuts that thrive in our area. Right now, on city property alone, there are likely nearly 20,000 edible…
About Plant Hardiness Zones
When selecting a tree, the plant hardiness zone can help you determine if it is likely to survive the weather in your area based on the average climatic conditions of years past. Ottawa is considered to be in zone 5a. So while you may have success growing trees which are rated for less hardy zones…
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