Eating Ottawa’s Forests and Farmland
December 8, 2016
Even in the past five years since starting Hidden Harvest, we’ve noticed that food-bearing trees & forests in Ottawa are disappearing far faster than they are being planted. These Google Earth Timelapse videos show just how quickly our city spreads. Take a look at the changes between 1986 & 1996, then 1996 & 2006, then 2006 & 2016. What do you notice? Sure, building houses…
Help Find More Fruit: Printable Flyers
February 2, 2014
Question:  “What can we do to help!?!” Answer: WANTED: More Trees to Harvest! Help us obtain permission to harvest more food-bearing trees. Currently we have permission to harvest about 20 trees, yet there  thousands of food bearing trees here in Ottawa hiding…
Volunteering to Pick Fruit
June 16, 2013
A Hidden Harvest Ottawa “Harvest Event” consists of a small group of volunteers picking fruit from one or two trees. All harvesting equipment is provided and the Lead Harvester will give you an run-through of how the harvest works at the beginning of each harvest. It usually takes about 2 hours to harvest one large tree. If you would like to pick fruit with us, here’s an overview…
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