Food Tree Planting

Maple Tree Tapping in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
March 4, 2017
While winter may bring a (temporary) halt to the harvesting of fruit and nuts, we Canadians know that from approx. February – March our local maple trees start producing that liquid gold sap! Understandably, we are often contacted by members of the community regarding our involvement in and knowledge of tree tapping and syrup production. While we are happy to support local initiatives such as…
Eating Ottawa’s Forests and Farmland
December 8, 2016
Even in the past five years since starting Hidden Harvest, we’ve noticed that food-bearing trees & forests in Ottawa are disappearing far faster than they are being planted. These Google Earth Timelapse videos show just how quickly our city spreads. Take a look at the changes between 1986 & 1996, then 1996 & 2006, then 2006 & 2016. What do you notice? Sure, building houses…
Seeking tree-lovers to raise saplings!
February 27, 2014
Your green thumb can give back to your community this season. Ottawa needs more genetically diverse, locally-sourced trees that will feed people and mend our planet. We have some excellent seed stock (from reputable sources: cherries, shagbark, some plum, butternut, black walnut – thomas variety) , but we need your help to raise them for the growing season. Successful trees will be shared, you…
Christmas Cards of Thanks!
January 1, 2013
Tree donors received these home made cards in the mail prior to the holidays in thanks for providing a food tree to a community group. Thank-yous also go out to everyone who purchased trees, who figured out a way through the political red tape at their organizations, and to those who will care for and water…
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