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Tough Nuts to Crack
January 20, 2013
Yesterday was the Eastern Ontario Society of Nut Growers (ECSONG) yearly gathering, where all those who are nuts about nuts get together. Hidden Harvest gave a short presentation about our last year in operation, and we also heard from others about the amazing Lanark Shagbark Hickory…
Food Trees Going in the Ground!
November 14, 2012
Posted November 21 With your help, we have planted more than 21 food-bearing trees this season! We supported the Russell Heights Community Housing neighbourhood plant fruit and nut trees and shrubs on their property, here is a 1-minute video that captures the action. Posted November 14 Tomorrow marks our first community tree planting. With more than 10 trees…
A Note from Centretown Emergency Food Centre
October 27, 2012
“I would like to thank you for the wonderful donation of fresh produce that you dropped off at our Food Bank the other day. We pride ourselves on the amount of fresh produce and fruit that we are able to give our clients but it is expensive. As we watch our client base rise (in August we served 889 men, women and children which was the most people that we have ever served in one month) and our…
City Trees by Ward – Interactive Chart
October 25, 2012
Below is a visualization of the same data that is on our tree map — the source is the City of Ottawa’s street tree inventory as of November 2011. The green dots () on our map show the City-owned trees which may produce edible fruits or nuts. We say ‘may produce’ since some trees will not be producing food, for a…
Food Trees Found in Ottawa
October 21, 2012
We are fortunate enough to live in the apple growing climate zone here in Ottawa, with many options of fruit and nuts that thrive in our area. Right now, on city property alone, there are likely nearly 20,000 edible fruit and nut trees in the Ottawa area! So far 20% of City trees have been surveyed and here is what…
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