Community Groups

Requesting freshly harvested produce:

When organizing a harvest event, we use the Ottawa Food Bank’s Member Agency Look-up Tool  to find nearby agencies who could use the food we harvest and we contact them directly to coordinate the drop-off of fresh produce.

If your group is not a member agency of the Ottawa Food Bank but does share food publicly with an open-door policy to those who benefit from access to more fresh, local food then please contact us to get on our list of groups requesting a portion of  nearby harvests.

Requesting food-bearing trees:

Groups in the community who have access to land and the ability to care for trees can seek to be paired with a tree donor through our new project called Plan(t) for Tomorrow.

We are seeking community groups (schools, churches, community associations) who would like to receive food trees to plant on their land.    If your group can demonstrate that you have space & permission to plant as well as the ability to care for the tree(s) then please contact us with the following information:

  1. The name of the leader or contact for your group and contact information including a phone number
  2. Why you would like to plant food trees, what impact they will have
  3. Number of trees requested

We will give you a call to guide you through the next steps which will include providing us a photograph of your group for our website to inspire potential donors and review the varieties of trees we have available for planting this fall and next spring.   We will then post your story on our website.  Any trees which people donate to your group will be delivered in time for the next planting cycle.   Fall 2012 is our next planting cycle and the following planting cycle will be in Spring 2013.


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