Workshop: How to Tap Your Tree for Sap

March 14, 2014

We’re headed out to Nepean for another workshop this year!

Learn to harness the power of spring in your own backyard.
In this mini-workshop the why, the how, and the when of tapping trees for sap will be explored. With your help, we will tap a few trees, look at the equipment required, and hear tips about syrup production at home.

Our Nepean host is no stranger to trees – with a backyard complete with 1/3 of an acre of Sugar Maples, and several over 1 foot in diameter, we’ll have a few to choose from for our demonstration!

Join us to learn this simple yet delicious skill you can take back to your backyard. The address of the event and a few more details will be sent to those who register sucessfully.

Sign up here:

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March 30, 2014: Urban Syrup: How to Tap for Sap

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See you then!

Did you know?

Maple syrup has 54 antioxidants, more calcium than milk, and more potassium than bananas. (according to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)

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