My Giving Moment

November 3, 2013


Share your Giving Moment!

What inspired us to start Hidden Harvest? We had the chance to share our Giving Moment tales with our Governor General, David Johnston, for his new Giving Moment campaign to encourage Canadians to find their reason to give. Watch Jay’s story, hear His Excellencies thoughts, and see us behind the scenes!

Share your own story here:

Coming soon: You can also join the Hidden Harvest Ottawa group to share and comment on giving moments relating to planting, harvesting and sharing food-bearing trees!

Your Giving Moment: Ways you have given back to your community

Inspired to Harvest Local Food?

There are groups just like ours all over the country – connect with the one nearest you to get started!

Not Far From The Tree, the Garden of Eating, Operation Fruit Rescue and Les Fruits Défendu to name a few…

This video mentions many of the groups we know about from coast to coast and more are sprouting up every year. Find a contact list here.

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