2013 Urban Fruit Propagation Workshop

March 13, 2013

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Saturday, April 6, 2013
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Bank and 5th in the Glebe, 
Ottawa, Ontario

Event Details

Ken Taylor has gleaned a lifetime of wisdom in the topics of fruit tree selection and propagation, and it is our pleasure to bring him to Ottawa for this full day workshop.

We will learn four methods of fruit tree propagation, including hands-on grafting and how to collect and root cuttings.

Methods of adapting fruit and nuts to the urban environment will be explored, including the secrets of the Pawpaw and how Ken brought this fruit to the north.

Two ticket types available: Join us for the morning session only, or for the full day.

Workshop Details

  • Morning lecture and discussion, afternoon hands-on skills, followed by an auction
  • How to collect, store, and root cuttings of fruit shrubs/vines
  • How to bench graft superior stock onto rootstock, other graft techniques can be explored
  • What will grow well in urban Ottawa, and how can we care for it organically
  • Seeds best suited for breeding/selecting new fruit trees
  • Techniques to adapt fruits to a variety of growing conditions – in one generation, and over several
  • Fruit tree auction at the end of the day – Ken will bring a selection of items not available through his nursery – special seeds, Plumcots, and other interesting varieties to go home with workshop participants!

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