Tough Nuts to Crack

January 20, 2013

Yesterday was the Eastern Ontario Society of Nut Growers (ECSONG) yearly gathering, where all those who are nuts about nuts get together.

Hidden Harvest gave a short presentation about our last year in operation, and we also heard from others about the amazing Lanark Shagbark¬†Hickory trees,¬†believed to be the most northerly naturally-reproducing population of their species in the world, and snacked on Acorn flour cookies. If you’re interested in growing nut trees, you should check out this free guide to growing nut trees in our area!

With more than 345 other nut trees found on city property already, including Black Walnuts, Turkish Hazelnuts, Butternuts, and Bur Oaks, we need to get cracking at collecting our cities harvest. After harvesting, husking and curing the nuts (see some pics from last year’s walnut harvest), the tricky part is cracking the nut – we grow thick shells in Ottawa!

Below is a collection of creative nut crackers, curated by John Sankey, Chair of ECSONG. On his website he has tested each and everyone of these fine nut torture machines, and delivered a verdict on their effectiveness.

The favourite this year was this one, below, for having the most creative cracking mechanism – you twist it using one hand on each end.

Hard nuts? Problem solved.

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