Help Find More Fruit: Printable Flyers

February 2, 2014

Question:  “What can we do to help!?!

Answer: WANTED: More Trees to Harvest! Help us obtain permission to harvest more food-bearing trees.

Currently we have permission to harvest about 20 trees, yet there  thousands of food bearing trees here in Ottawa hiding in back yards and alleyways, and hundreds of volunteers who are excited to help harvest trees! Here’s how you can help us find them:

Post up the poster:

Download & distribute the poster. Print it, Post it, Share it. Use whatever resources, talents and skills you have available to spread the word.

Get creative:

Take pictures of your postering successes and share them with us on facebook or twitter

Approach a homeowner:

You can leave this leaflet with the owners of food-bearing trees to encourage them to sign up their trees online. Download the leaflet here, print double-sided on regular letter sized 8.5″ x 11″ paper (print only the second page if you want to save ink), then cut each page into two leaflets.

If you have seen leaves of a food-bearing tree that a homeowner might let us harvest, then you need our leaflet!




Boring posters are boring. The unfolded box looked a bit like a robot so borrowed scissors and a marker brought it to life then we saw some hazelnut trees and a star was born. If you’re not postering on your own property make sure you get permission –a map of public poster collars is here.

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