LocAle, Ottawa’s Local Apple Beer!

November 29, 2013

LocAle is a limited-brew local apple beer, combining Kichesippi blonde and our local apple syrup.

It started with a few apples falling near Wellington Street. A team of six volunteers met up for a Harvest Event one evening and picked more than one hundred pounds of apples from a single tree!

As with all Hidden Harvest events, the bounty was shared with the home owner, volunteer harvesters, a local food agency (this harvest went to the Parkdale Food Centre), and a quarter stayed with Hidden Harvest Ottawa. Photos of apple picking.

This final quarter share we took to be pressed into juice:  Coronation Hall provided  custom pressing in their inspected facility and Soup Jackie from Stone Soup Foodworks was contracted to pasteurize and boiling down into syrup.

Apples + Beer + Collaboration = LocAle

Our brewing dreams were made a reality when CreativeMornings Ottawa partnered up with Kichesippi Beer to create a hyperlocal beer for Apartment613’s Support Local Month.

LocAle combines a classic Kichesippi blonde and our local apple syrup – it’s a limited brew available at two locations this November & December: Herd Magazine’s 1 Year Anniversary Party and The Standard Luxury Tavern on Elgin Street.

15% of LocAle sales will go towards Hidden Harvest Ottawa so please don’t hesitate to support us (responsibly)!

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