Right now Hidden Harvest is only in Ottawa, though we may branch out one day.

If you’re in Ottawa, connect with us! If not, scroll down to connect with the urban food harvesting project closest to you!

Katrina Siks, Co-founder visit Kat's LinkedIn Profile
A few of the things Katrina does to make hidden harvests happen: Media relations, volunteer training, Plan(t) for Tomorrow coordination, social media, taxes, playing under trees.
Jason Garlough, Co-founder visit Jay's LinkedIn Profile
A few of the things Jason does to make hidden harvests happen: Partnerships, website management, administration, stares at computers.  He’s taking a break in 2016 to help raise a new potential volunteer  (it’s a long term project).
Tina Le Moine, Chief Squirrel visit Tina's LinkedIn Profile
Everything Tina does helps make hidden harvests happen: Train new Neighbourhood Leader volunteers, support existing leaders and support the programming we’re working on with a few of our food bank partners.
This could be you! Event Coordinator
As we grow larger, we are keeping our eyes open for a few more folks with experience with volunteer management and event coordination. If you could see yourself volunteering for such a position (average time commitment of 6 hours per week) please contact us below. We’d love someone to help us coordinate special events such as the year-end Bounty Bash, and maybe even coordinate harvest events. Experience with carrier pigeons an asset.
This Could Be You! 2017 Harvest Coordinator  – job posting to follow in Spring 2017


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